Friday Round-Up

I’m hoping to do a weekly list of interesting articles/blogs I’ve come across during the week.  They’ll usually focus on energy and climate change, but I’m sure some oddballs that I just happen to find interesting will also appear.  Here’s the first one!

Interview with National Center for Atmospheric Research’s Kevin Trenberth: Best thing about this article is his take on the lack of surface air temperature rise over the last fifteen years that climate change skeptics have been jumping on.

18 Things Climate Change May Ruin from Allergies to Wine: An oldie but goodie!

Peak Water in the American West: an eye-opening blog post by Peter Gleick over at Science Blogs about towns actually running out of water and billion dollar water pipeline projects in Nevada and California.

Awesome glue-spraying worm: I have a soft spot for the discovery of new animals – this was just discovered in 2010!


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