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New solar cell architecture provides efficiency competitive with thin film photovoltaics

Although first-generation solar cells using silicon or gallium arsenide provide efficiencies up to around 30%, improvements to production costs appear to be reaching a ceiling and limit their potential to compete with fossil fuel prices.  In response, many researchers are … Continue reading

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Switchgrass over corn? The argument for maintaining ecological diversity

claimtoken-52dac12d87985 Corn, corn, corn…the legacy of this crop in the US has placed it as the default crop choice for biofuel production.  But what impact does corn have on wildlife systems, and are there better choices that could provide biomass … Continue reading

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Could fracking actually save us water?

I am by no means a proponent of fracking and natural gas as the next savior in energy technology for this country, given the widespread signs of water contamination and pollution that have been reported.  But it’s important to keep … Continue reading

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