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New crystal structure for hydrogen storage: combining lithium with nitrogen- and boron-based materials

The hydrogen economy – using molecular hydrogen as a cleaner fuel than hydrocarbons for motor vehicles, power stations, etc. – is still in need of materials that can store hydrogen cheaply.  Hydrogen has a very high energy density by weight … Continue reading

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Photocatalysis revisited: new data suggest we’ve been thinking about catalysis all wrong

Great scientific leaps often occur when new results come along that just can’t fit into the prevailing models and theories.  A recent study in PNAS surely fits this description, challenging the current view of photocatalysis using recent data looking at carrier dynamics … Continue reading

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More atmospheric carbon prevents terrestrial carbon storage: a possible answer to where all the carbon goes

Those who know a little about photosynthesis may wonder how it may interact with the severity or speed of anthropogenic climate change.  Plants and organic systems take in carbon to produce energy and output oxygen back into the atmosphere, so … Continue reading

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The Inexorable Melt: new evidence that glaciers in West Antarctica are past the point of no return

This paper has already caught on around the mainstream media – related articles can be found at CNN and an NPR blog – but I thought I’d add my two cents here.  Some new research has just come out from UC-Irvine and NASA’s … Continue reading

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Landmark fracking lawsuit: jury sides with family’s nuisance complaint

The U.S. has had its first anti-fracking verdict!  Lawsuits against hydraulic fracturing companies have been appearing more and more recently, but , in the past, companies could usually repel these legal suits by citing the fact that they are operating … Continue reading

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