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Rethinking sustainable eating: vegetarian diets reduce greenhouse gas emissions

A paper has just been published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that strikes a chord close to my heart.  Researchers have combed the literature studying the relationship between diet and greenhouse gas emissions, and have determined that vegetarian diets reduce … Continue reading

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Getting more bang for your photonic buck: nano-engineered quantum dots provide avenue for improved solar cell efficiency

New research out of Los Alamos National Laboratory, published in Nature Communications last week, has demonstrated a new material tailored at the nanoscale that provides great hope for use in next-generation, multiexciton solar cells.  Multiexciton photovoltaics have been an enticing … Continue reading

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Need clouds? Try adding small amounts of aerosols

There is quite a bit we already know to be true about global warming.  We know that carbon dioxide and other molecules in the atmosphere, such as methane, strongly absorb infrared radiation from the Earth, re-emitting radiation back to the surface … Continue reading

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What’s the most environmentally friendly way to watch your favorite show? Environmental impact of streaming vs DVDs

Next time you feel guilty bingeing on House of Cards on Netflix or catching up on episodes of The Daily Show on Hulu, take solace in the fact that you’re doing a small part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  A new study in Environmental Research Letters  has … Continue reading

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