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Keeping lithium contained: new design allows for high energy-density anode in Li-ion batteries

Lithium ion batteries – they’re everywhere, and their name has become mainstream enough that non-scientists know they’re in our laptops and electronics.  These types of batteries are so popular because lithium boasts a high energy density and they don’t lose charge … Continue reading

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Linear is beautiful: a simple relationship provides guidance for optimal battery design

It isn’t often that simple relationships are found for complex problems in physics, but scientists pay attention when they are discovered.  This is especially true in the field of materials design, in which researchers try to create materials with specific … Continue reading

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Photosynthesis in action: new technique resolves atomic changes in undamaged photosystems

All life on Earth begins and ends with photosynthesis, the super-efficient method adopted by plants to convert light energy into its more useful sugar form, with oxygen as the serendipitous byproduct (for us, anyway).  But for so ubiquitous a phenomenon, we … Continue reading

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Emperors in danger: penguin populations predicted to decline due to climate change and sea ice loss

If pop culture is any indication, we hold a special place in our heart for penguins compared to the many other denizens of the animal kingdom. Maybe it is something about the close-knit familial communities that have been portrayed in documentaries … Continue reading

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Tofu and Solar Cells: An unlikely pairing

A great story at another blog, Lunatic Laboratories, about using magnesium chloride (the stuff found in tofu and bath salts!) to coat solar cells for a much reduced cost!  Check it out: Tofu and Solar Cells: An unlikely pairing.

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How much surface area can you fit in a space the size of an ice cube? Several football fields in a new battery cathode!

If any of us ever hope to complete the romantic cross-country trip across the US by electric car, the answer lies in better battery technology.  Current batteries just can’t store enough energy to last trips without frequent stops to recharging stations. … Continue reading

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