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EPA Clean Power Plan Explained!

What to give thanks for this year….my wife, the Milwaukee Bucks, doughnuts…or how about the leaders of two world superpowers coming together and agreeing on new carbon emission reduction standards for 2030!  Oh, and when I say superpower, I mean … Continue reading

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Organic solar cells are heating up!

Imagine you want to buy a new car, so you travel out to the closest dealer to see what they offer.  When you arrive, you notice that, strangely, all the cars in the lot look exactly the same.  The car salesman approaches … Continue reading

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Understanding the past to know more about our future: study finds spikes in carbon dioxide levels correlated with end of last glacial cycle

Scientists often look to the past to understand what will happen in the future.  This is possible because we expect the same natural laws at play then will be the same now and in the years to come.  This is … Continue reading

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