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Will the ocean follow the land? Marine ecosystems at a tipping point to follow terrestrial defaunation

I’m late on this, but still an important story to discuss…a review in Science last week highlights the precipice on which we as a society perch regarding the potential massive loss of marine ecosystems.  The article reviews similar signs in … Continue reading

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Eyes on Environment Guest Post: Not all renewables are created equal

I’m excited to announce that my first guest post on the Eyes on Environment blog, part of Nature’s Scitable Network, has been posted!  See the beginning of the post below… —– The world is warming at rates not seen on … Continue reading

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Menage-a-trois no more: new design removes need for conductive additives and polymers in battery electrodes

Battery electrode design has always required a menage-a-trois: an active material or catalyst, a conductive additive, and a polymer binder to keep everyone together.  Unfortunately, constructing batteries this way limits their energy density because it increases material mass and processing steps.  But a … Continue reading

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Volcanic eruptions partially explain global warming hiatus

Much has been made in the last year about the so-called global warming hiatus seen in sea surface temperatures: You can see a consistent rise in land-ocean temperatures since the 60’s that mysteriously plateaus after around 2000.  Although I have … Continue reading

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Tropical forests absorbing more carbon dioxide than previously thought

We have another reason to love the rainforest, and not just for the plethora of exotic species, beautifully lush forests, and zip-lining vacations, either!  New research out of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory combines a host of modeling data backed by experimental measurements … Continue reading

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