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Of tree rings and rain: droughts predicted to worsen in southwestern United States

Droughts have intensified in already dry regions around the world, including in the Southwest United States and in Australia throughout the first decade of this century.  The severity of these droughts has been attributed to global warming and climate change, which … Continue reading

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The biofuel controversy

“Buses powered by soybeans.  Agricultural waste transformed into car fuel.  These possibilities have inspired governments around the world to include biofuels as a substantial part of their renewable energy standards, which mandate some percent of a country’s energy come from … Continue reading

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Blogging at ‘Eyes on Environment’

I have some exciting news!  You may know that I’ve been writing some guest posts recently for the great ‘Eyes on Environment‘ blog that is part of Nature’s Scitable blog network.  I’m happy to announce that, from now on, I’ll … Continue reading

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Satisfying the nitrogen fix: new method to make environmentally-friendly ammonia

When we think of energy-intensive processes and greenhouse gas emissions, our minds probably jump to gas-guzzling cars and coal-fired power plants.  But agriculture is another culprit, largely due to a single industrial process that accounts for 1 percent of the world’s … Continue reading

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How to keep the lights on when fossil fuels are gone

‘Imagine a 540-foot tower spiking through the flat Nevada horizon, storing energy as thousands of surrounding mirrors reflect sunlight to heat molten salt inside. Or how about solar cells on individual homes in constant electronic communication with utility companies to tailor … Continue reading

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We can predict the chaos in climate change only so well: discrepancy between models and reality attributed to random variability

An open question in climate research has long been fodder for climate change denialists and a puzzling debate for scientists: why do models’ consistently predict increases in global mean surface temperature (MST) since 1998 while reality indicates a global warming hiatus during that same … Continue reading

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