Blogging at ‘Eyes on Environment’

I have some exciting news!  You may know that I’ve been writing some guest posts recently for the great ‘Eyes on Environment‘ blog that is part of Nature’s Scitable blog network.  I’m happy to announce that, from now on, I’ll be co-running the site with Kate Whittington – thank you to Kate and Sedeer for this great opportunity!

Kate is a Master’s student in Science Communication and has already been writing some great content for ‘Eyes on Environment’ about ecology and environmental policy for some time.  I’ll be jumping in to tackle the energy and climate research/policy side of things.  We hope to have a post up every Wednesday or so (at least!).

So, I’ll likely keep posting here as well, and I’ll also post here with a link to every new post at Eyes on Environment.  Please take a look to check out what we’re talking about each week.

As for today, I’ve just posted a brief discussion of biofuels and why they probably shouldn’t be considered a large part of any country’s renewable energy standard.  These are important issues as more and more countries continue to focus on biofuels for transportation energy.  Read at the linke above find out more!

Thanks for your continued and future support!  I started this blog over a year ago on a whim, but it’s become a dear part of my routine and I appreciate all who read it regularly!

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