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GotScience: Copying coral to contain heavy metal pollution

Check out my new post at about mimicking coral to remove heavy metals from the ocean!  A brief exercept below: Coral’s characteristically colorful tentacles, while attracting tourists and SCUBA divers with their unique beauty, are both the animal’s greatest … Continue reading

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Nature’s Eyes on Environment Blog: the story of a cave and climate change

The following was originally published on Nature’s Eyes on Environment blog! ————– Among the foothills of a vast mountain range, a mayor guides his nervous citizens into the dank darkness of a nearby cave. The two hundred people huddle together, … Continue reading

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Eyes on Environment: human evolution as the discipline that can save the biosphere

Part II: The Solution This is a guest post by Simon Hoyte, a biology graduate fascinated by human evolution. Currently working as a research assistant at the Department of Archaeology, University of Cape Town, he integrates his evolutionary biology background … Continue reading

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Eyes on Environment: Leave endangered bustards wild!

Below is an excerpt from Kate Whittington’s post on Eyes on Environment about the dangers of captive breeding.  Click here to read the entire post! —- When a species faces imminent extinction captive breeding is often the go-to method to ensure the … Continue reading

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