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Equity or inertia: how emissions sharing philosophies shape climate policy success

What is the best way for the global community to set greenhouse gas emission goals to stave off global temperature increases over the dreaded 2 degrees Celsius? This question framed the heart of negotiations between 190 countries during a UN-sponsored … Continue reading

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Climate change in the classroom: visualizing global warming effects with nothing but a glass of water and a marble

Global warming is happening. The scientific community has reached consensus after years of studying complex computer models taking into account our fossil fuel emissions, wind and ocean currents, carbon uptake in forests, chemical composition of the atmosphere, and many other … Continue reading

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Eyes on Environment: Is radiation or human intrusion the more clear and present danger to animals near Chernobyl?

Read the original post here on Nature’s Scitable Network! ——– In a time when countries are looking for any replacement for fossil fuels that are dwindling in supply and isolated to geopolitically unstable regions, nuclear power is an appealing alternative. … Continue reading

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