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Eyes on Environment: clarifying the connection between healthy diets, resource use, and greenhouse gas emissions

Read the original post here! —- Science communication is a tricky business. The goal sounds simple: translate scientific findings into concise, engaging pieces for the general public. But the devil in the details offers some hazards and temptations. Sifting through … Continue reading

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Eyes on Environment: where fuel goes, water cannot follow

Water has rarely been a more valuable resource. The drought in California has crippled farmers’ ability to meet food demands and motivated citywide reductions in water use. Water tables in countries from the United States to India are depleting faster … Continue reading

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Eyes on Environment: the many stories of climate change

Over 40,000 delegates from 195 countries meet in Paris this week to legally commit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent global temperature increases above 2 degrees Celsius. Although the prevention of 2 degree warming may not be possible, such … Continue reading

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