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Australian rodent first mammalian victim of climate change

Tucked away on a small island off the coast of Queensland, Australia, the rat-like animal would have stared up at you with dark, beady eyes from the safety of some scattered shrubs.  No more than 15 centimeters long, the rodent would have … Continue reading

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Oil spill cleanup secrets of Gulf Coast bacteria

I’m excited to put up a guest post by Shayna Keyles this week! Shayna Keyles is a multi-discipline writer, editor, and marketer based in Oakland, California. You can reach her at or follow her on Twitter at @shaynakeyles. This article was originally published … Continue reading

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The greening of Vancouver

Aim a normal camera at a city skyline and you’ll likely snapshot a bustling panorama of skyscrapers and the incessant activity that energizes city-dwellers.  But point a thermal camera at the same cityscape and you’ll see a different form of energy: … Continue reading

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Surfing the polar front: how black carbon reaches the Arctic

Black carbon aerosol is carbon dioxide’s darker accomplice.  Not as well known as the atmospheric molecule that has defined our global climate crisis, black carbon still plays a role in amplifying warming trends, particularly in the Arctic.  But how did it … Continue reading

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