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The Presidential Promise of a Half-Billion Solar Cells

It is my pleasure to introduce Adam Kirk as guest writer for this week’s post!  Adam is a freelance writer specializing in renewable energy and associated topics.  To find out more or hire Adam for your own website, visit AdamKirkWriter.com. … Continue reading

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More of everything: increasing consumption means slower renewable revolution

This article was originally published on Eyes on Environment, part of Nature’s Scitable Network, which hosts dozens of scientists and writers covering the latest research across many disciplines. ———— Renewable energy production is truly starting to take off.  Excluding hydropower, renewable sources are growing … Continue reading

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New solar energy storage works at night: ‘Got Science’ guest post

This is a guest post by Kate Stone, Founder and Editor in Chief of Got Science. As a nonfiction author and journalist, her passion is providing public access to scientific research. The goal of Got Science is to translate complex … Continue reading

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How to keep the lights on when fossil fuels are gone

‘Imagine a 540-foot tower spiking through the flat Nevada horizon, storing energy as thousands of surrounding mirrors reflect sunlight to heat molten salt inside. Or how about solar cells on individual homes in constant electronic communication with utility companies to tailor … Continue reading

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